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Applicant: Europeans, z.s
Czech Republic
phone: +420607966700


The non-profit association Europeans, z.s. is a legal person founded according the Czech Civil Code. All staff work on voluntary basis.
Characteristics of the association
Europeans, z.s. is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit alliance of citizens representing proponents of cooperation in the field of education, culture and active citizenship with the
aim of active development, promotion and providing of charitable work in the bellow mentioned fields.
Main purposes of the association are
a) education,
b) cultural activities,
c) active citizenship,
d) charitable non-profit work
e) sports
The association council has Erasmus+ experienced members and many English speaking coworkers in the Czech Republic. It has been building a net of Czech, European and Turkish
cooperating institutions with similar aims.
Our organization has highly motivated supporters and cooperating professionals within important institutions like the University hospital in Pilsen or SZŠ a VOŠZ Plzeň, Karlovarská 99
(Secondary medical school and medical upper-secondary) in Plzeň, etc. and private bodies like SF institut s.r.o.
Europeans, z.s. has been building a growing net of cooperating institutions and cooperating partner organizations collaborating especially within an extensive dissemination of its nonprofit activities like promoting cultural activities of youth and using digital technologies. In compliance with current trends and preferences of young people, it stresses online

Partner organizations:

Romania – Tulcea – Liceul Teoretic GRIGORE MOISIL

Legal Representative: Camelia Ivanov (Management)
Teacher: Violeta Ivanof


With over 40 years of experience in education, and having gone through multiple stages in its development, „Grigore Moisil“ High School has been one of the most significant
education institutions in our region. Ours has been a theoretical high school since the early 1990s, with about 700 students studying maths- IT, natural sciences, social studies,
languages, or philological studies. We take great pride in having the best results in our region as far as national school contests, and national exams are concerned. Our students
generally go on to study at university level, sometimes returning to the institution as teachers.
At present, our students are aged 11 to 19, covering secondary and high school. We also have about sixty highly qualified teachers, and support staff. Student’s hostel, canteen,
library, computer labs, gym, all of these come to round up the image of our school. The highlight of the year in our school is the school festival, held in January, on the occasion of the
religious celebration of our patron saints, festival which includes workshops, scientific presentations, sports events, and even a talent show.
One of the specificities of our area, reflected in the school environment, is the fact that it is highly diverse in point of ethnicity. There are a dozen ethnic groups in our region, all of them
welcome and proudly represented in the school environment. This helps both to raise awareness to cultural differences, and to teach tolerance, and open mindedness.
In the Institution Development Plan, the strategic objectives of our school for the next four years include: Promoting the European dimension of education, through intercultural
exchanges and educational partnerships, to the purpose of growing the young generation in the spirit of the common European culture.
In the context of the medical crisis that we are currently facing, our school has mobilized all participants into finding solutions for the satisfactory development of the educational
process. We have a school domain, and classes are held both face to face, and online, through meeting platforms. However, technological progress forces us all to keep up with the
latest developments, and to make use of all our creative skills to adapt the educational process to the current situation. We believe in the benefits of lifelong learning, and we, the
educators, are constantly involved in our own education, as times require

Hungary – Kaan Karoly Kornyezetvedelmi Egyesulet – ID E10229491

President: Miklos Benedek
Project Manager, expert: Nikoletta Simon


Environmental Association Káán Károly was established in 1994 as the first and currently active association in Zala county and the whole region. The association was created to help
and provide possible solution to environment and nature conservation problems. The most important objective is to substantiate the perspectives of the children (including
kindergartners, primary schools, secondary schools) and adults. Kaán Károly implements different activities which foster the environmentally conscious thinking. The association
provides effective support to environment-friendly policies and initiatives by carrying out activities focused on the protection of the environment. We places strong emphasis on
improving of environment culture of young adults and adults. In view of the above, the most important project – in the last decade – was to support promotion of waste separation in
Zala County. We have years of expertise in developing and implementing informal outdoor educational activities for kindergarten, primary and secondary school children in order to
bringing them closer to nature while fostering an environment- and climate-friendly thinking among them. Kaán Károly Environment Protection Association is an important strategic
partner for Municipality of Nagykanizsa and joined the Climate Alliance in 2017 as well.

Turkey – Ozel Aydinkent Fen Lisesi

Headmaster: Aydin Kalay
Project Manager: Sevgi Bozkurt


With our motto “The investment made for the education of the country is the investment made for the future of the country“, Aydınkent Schools opened by our founder Aydın KALAY in
2016-2017 Academic Year as both Anatolian High School and Science High School. We make use of our quarter-century experience in education to raise sparkling individuals to lead
our country to light.
Along with the young who are free in mind, free in conscience and free in moral, we adopted lifelong learning with integrated approach and innovative education in universal standards
as a principle.
Aydınkent Schools provide a complete academic education with a total learning model, analyze students’ deficiencies with quizzes made on a weekly basis and make up the
deficiencies. With the
exams in parallel with TYT (Basic Aptitude Test) and AYT (Field Aptitude Test), we constantly observe our students’ achievement levels, and help students progress on the way to their
career with individual or one-on-one lessons. Under the coordination of our School Guidance and Counseling Service, we maintain student teacher-parent cooperation, and support the
communication. English lessons in Aydınkent Schools are taught according to the European Language Portfolio (ELP) in order to improve listening, reading, speaking and writing skills
in a peertopeer level. Also, we teach German as a second foreign language in our school. By organizing hiking, dance workshops, sports tournaments, general knowledge
competitions, performing arts and drama workshops, we set ourselves a goal to grow healthy individuals for society, support our students’ psychological and physical development and
improve their motivation. Our students and staff members are frequently involved in variety of at the national projects and regularly represents the idea of digital era in many directions
of its pedagogical and out-of-curricular work. We have the mission to develop and implement innovative methods in learning and teaching methodologies and pedagogical approaches,
especially those delivering key competences and basic skills in mediadigital literacy education, language skills, and focusing on the use of ICT. Our intention is to improve the quality of
the skills of our students which are recognized as essential at European and national.

Italy – Lanciano – TuF1rst Onlus

President: Giuseppina Bomba


TU F1RST is a non-profit organization and VET training provider working together with different Schools, Youth and other Cultural Associations, Youth&Adult Education centres, the council in Lanciano and over 80 private companies in the Abruzzo, Central Italy region.
The teacher training includes coaching, managing difficult situations, managing an intercultural environment, entre/Intrapreneurial skills, digital skills for inclusion and orientation skills.

Incirliova Genclik Kultur Sanat ve Gelisim Dernegi


The NGO was founded to contribute to the improvement of youth policies, to provide support and
solidarity among youth, to encourage entrepreneurship spirits, to help them to acquire knowledge,
skills and competence, to be able to work in disadvantaged areas all over the country, It was
established with the aim of supporting, designing and carrying out studies aimed at contributing to
collective harmony among young people.
Objectives of the NGO:

  • To increase quality in education, to provide cultural dialogue and to promote language learning, to organize training courses for educational programs and to cooperate with European
    Union countries and other countries
  • To inform and encourage information about entrepreneurship.
  • To prepare regional development, international projects and EU supported (Erasmus Plus) projects, to participate as partners or associates in these projects and to send participants,
  • To support innovative projects aimed to reduce disparities in learning outcomes affecting learners from disadvantaged backgrounds/with fewer opportunities – including learners with
  • To develop systems that can be included in the decision
  • making processes of all sections of the society, especially those with disabilities, immigrants,
    disadvantaged communities
  • To create activities that will enable young people to develop national and international social responsibility projects to solve country problems and to
    support young people in their projects
  • To prepare and participate in national and international social projects for young people and disadvantaged young people (young people with
    physical or mental disabilities with geographical or other reasons), to carry out these projects with young people
  • To conduct international activities, to become a member of associations or organizations abroad
    and to cooperate with these organizations, to help or to provide participants