C3 – 4.9.-10.9. 2022

The third LTTA took place in Aydın and was hosted by AYDINKENT.

From each partner organization 3 young people and 2 teachers/youth workers participated. The LTTA lasted 5 days + 2 traveling days. The training focused on digital photography. Thanks to dealing with digital photography participants learned how to shape image composition by following the basic rules of composition, and use them to tell their personal photo stories.

They learned how to shape their creative ideas by using photo collages.
They learned about applying different composition rules can affect their stories.
Participants acquired communicational skills like presenting the story behind pictures and explaining the rules they applied.
Participants expanded their researching skills like searching for the stories and exploring possibilities. As technical and IT skills are concerned.
Participants learned how to use landscape and portrait photo frame orientation on their smartphones, about photo resolutions and megapixels, learned about light and exposure, about usage of mobile apps for taking photos and editing them.

They were taught to use online collaboration tools like Google Disk for sharing photos.
Participants learned how to perform searches on the Internet when searching for photos, how to include knowledge about the creative commons license and basics of copyright including the importance of ethics in photography, to critically evaluate Information, to recognize the cultural, social and other contexts of photography.

As the group dynamics is concerned, participants learned how to work in a group, plan and manage time, share diverse perspectives, challenge assumptions, understanding through in discussion and explanation, perform peer assessment, find effective peers to emulate, develop their own voice and perspectives in relation to peers, The training on digital photography lasted for 2 days. Besides the trainings on photography, workshops related to environment took place with focus on the 4Rs (recycle, reuse, reduce, recover);

There was a field trip to National park & to Ephesus as a cultural heritage site. Participants met experts. They shared the results of A2.1 & A2.2 with their peers from partner countries.

On the last day of the LTTA , an ECOART photo exhibition was organized. Parents, the directorate of education, NGOs working on arts and environmental issues were invited to this self-funded Multiplier Event. On the last day certificates of participation were handed over and the farewell party as the last socializing event was organized.

To some up, participants enjoyed creative art workshops, a music for inclusion activity, the guide Ephesus and Şirince tour. They expended their skills and knowledge on digital photography enormously.